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Radio Teesdale started full time broadcasting in 2007, having been granted a licence to broadcast as a community radio station. The station is a true Community project, and provides a true Community service. It has been set up and is operated by the people of Teesdale, for the people of Teesdale.

The station broadcasts to the Teesdale are on two transmitters, 102.1FM and 105.5FM.  You can also listen anywhere in the world on this web site www.radioteesdale.co.uk

Our range of programmes will relate to life in Teesdale, and will touch most if not all areas of the Community. There should be something of interest to every listener. If you find that’s not the case, then please come along and join us to make or present a programme of your own. Don’t just sit there and moan about it!   Everyone is openly invited to contribute.

Radio Teesdale, It’s Yours.