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Media Partners

Radio Teesdale is delighted to work with many groups and organisations working within the Teesdale Community. Radio Teesdale is keen to work in partnership with organisations to maximise their media coverage to communicate their events and activities.  Radio Teesdale can support organisations in a variety of ways including:

  • Meeting and reviewing media activity to create an action plan
  • Planning a series of editorial features (interviews/features/programmes) to be broadcast on Radio Teesdale.
  • Adding events in the Radio Teesdale What’s On schedule that is used by presenters on a variety of programmes
  • Creating a communication process so that you can easily let Radio Teesdale Listeners know (through news releases and/or by your personnel being a guest on our various programmes What’s On, Drive Time, Morning Magazine, specialist, shows, etc) about news and events
  • Providing studio and recording facilities to create audio for broadcast
  • Editing and loading appropriate audio onto the Radio Teesdale Listen Again web site and providing links to be used on the organisation’s web site
  • Even providing training so that you could create your own programme!
  • Letting the Radio Teesdale active membership be aware of the media partnership and how they can volunteer to be involved
  • Taking photographs that are published on the Radio Teesdale photo gallery and be used by the organisation
  • Meeting and reviewing the possibility of joint funding applications that would benefit your organisation, Radio Teesdale and the people of Teesdale
  • Providing personnel that could speak at one of your members’ meetings about media awareness.

Radio Teesdale does not charge for this service but simply asks its media partners to

  • Use the Radio Teesdale Media Partner logo (print version) in its printed material
  • Use the Radio Teesdale Media Partner logo (web version) on its web site
  • Provide links from its web site to the appropriate recordings on the Radio Teesdale Listen Again website.
  • Inform (through newsletters, email, etc) its own members and customers of the media partnership and appropriate broadcasts or specific initiatives.